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Create a Buzz with a Facebook Business Page

When you have a thriving presence on Facebook you are not only making new connections and nurturing existing customer relationships, you are also creating brand awareness for your business.

People share their likes, interests, and activities on Facebook. Just think, with your Facebook Business page, you have the opportunity to interact with your customers in a way they’re familiar with and find joy in.

You’re probably thinking how can my business really benefit from a Facebook page? It’s simple, every user’s action, whether they “Like”, “Comment,” or “Share” a Post on Facebook is published to their news feed for all of their friends to see. So anytime one of your Fans “Like” your page or any of your posts the action can ultimately be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of potential new customers.

Here is a familiar example: “Jan” dines at a restaurant and absolutely loves her meal. Naturally, she is going to post about her amazing food and enjoyable experience on Facebook. That message is then visible to the 200+ people she has on her Friends List.


Out of the 200+ friends that potentially see “Jan’s” positive post several comment with comments like, “Amazing place!” “I loved it too!” and “We need to plan a Girls Night Out there!” It is conceivable that collectively those people have 5,000+ friends who are likely to see these comments in their News Feed.

The end result is a Buzz has been created for this restaurant. It has now been exposed to thousands of new potential customers. The best part is it was done without even spending one marketing dollar or doing anything other than what they do; serve great food.

If your business in not consistently active on Facebook, you are missing out on creating a Buzz that attracts new business? So what are you waiting for? It is time to get Socially Active!

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