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Facebook Do’s and Don’ts-Tips to Keep in Mind when Creating and Posting Content for Your Audience

1. Do be consistent. Don’t let days go by without a post.
2. Do let your voice and personality shine through your content. People love to know exactly who they are following.
3. Do make sure to engage with the people who engage with you. Be Social!
4. Do pay attention to what type of content your followers respond to the most. Make sure you create and deliver content they want.
5. Use your Facebook Insights to decide what the best times and content type to post for your audience.
6. Get visual! Experiment with single photos and video. Create a Photo Carousel or a Slideshow. One thing is for sure; your audience loves variety and creativity.
7. Share OPC (Other People’s Content) For example links, quotes and photos. Consider content that will entertain and interest your audience. If other pages in your industry are sharing the same type of information at the same time, you should consider sharing it also.
8. When creating content always keep your audience in mind.
9. Experiment. Always try new things. New types of content. Variety is what keeps your audience loyal and coming back for more. Pay attention to what works and do more of that.                                                                                                                                10. Don’t post Click-Baity Links. For example, a listicle with a title like “OMG You Won’t Believe #6. We couldn’t either”.
11. Don’t be annoying. Do you have “That Friend” that always talks about themselves? Well, don’t be like “That Friend”. Your audience will appreciate you for it.
12. Don’t be too salesy. Remember people are on Social Media to be Social not Sold To.
13. Don’t explicitly ask people to “Like” or “Share”. Get creative. Instead of saying “Like the picture below” you can say “By a show of Likes how many of you love this picture?” It’s more engaging and indicates that you are interested in what your audience is thinking and enjoys.

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