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Inspire People to Share! Tips for Share-Worthy Social Media Content.

This is why the Facebook algorithm puts a HUGE emphasis on what friends and family share over what businesses advertise.

Learning how to take advantage of this is the secret to a successful social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Content

But how do you get people to share your content? This is simple when you apply the following key points.

When developing your social media marketing strategy, instead of creating content for your Facebook business page, create content for the news feed of the people that follow you. In other words, create content that provides value to your target audience and resonates with them on a personal level.

Use high quality visual imagery to inspire. Whether it is a video or picture imagery is a key part of the social media experience that appeals to your audience.

Serve them thoughtful information that they will be inspired to share.

Help them by providing actionable tips, tricks and advice that will positively impact their life instantly that they will be inspired to share.

Entertain them with kittens, puppies and jokes they will want to share with others!
(not kidding…I am serious about this) It will inspire them to share!

Are you getting the picture? You want people to share your content. This is what grows your following organically.

And yes, it really is that simple. Especially if you are paying attention to your insights and using the information to create - yes, I am going to say it again -content that they will be inspired to share!

Most Important! Understand your Facebook business page insights.
Understanding and using your Facebook business page insights make it easy for you to connect with your audience. You know who your audience is, how they interact with your page, and what type of content drives the most engagement.

Also, this helps you develop a posting schedule based upon the time of day your audience is most active on the Facebook platform.

Be responsive. If someone takes the time to thoughtfully comment or ask a question, reply as soon as possible!

Be consistent. It’s important to stay on top of social media. Facebook rewards consistency.

In Summary:

When developing a successful content marketing campaign, one crucial aspect concerns creating quality content specifically designed with sharing potential in mind. 

You don’t want to just create content that interest you because then you won't be delivering the relevant content that makes a personal impact on your target audience. Instead, before creating your social media marketing strategy identify and research your target audience. Only then will you have a clear picture of their wants and needs.

When you write content with intent like this, people will feel connected and view you as an authority.  They will be inspired to share your content with their family and friends. Once you’ve built this trust they’ll become regular social media followers, and they’ll be more likely to purchase the products or services you offer.

What is the Next Step?
Now that you've read my blog, hopefully you see the value in developing and implementing a well thought out social media marketing strategy for your business.

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