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Staying Motivated and Productive This Summer

Once the temperatures start to warm up, the sun shines bright in the sky and the temptation to be outside enjoying the glorious weather is irresistible. People tend to socialize more during the summer.
The days are longer so you may have backyard bbq’s, weddings, and family reunions to attend. If you are a parent your children are out of school and it is the perfect time to take a family vacation.

Why It’s Important to Stay Motivated
All the above mentioned circumstances can distract you from focusing. This is especially true for an Entrepreneur that has been working hard on their business all winter. You are undeniably ready for a break!  However, it is important to keep in mind that what do in your business today will affect it three months down the road. It can be difficult to stay motivated during the summer months. Without motivation there is no productivity.

Below are three (yes, only three) simple ways to stay Motivated and Productive this Summer:

1. Be Goal Oriented When distractions are high it is important to set business oriented goals. You will want to have long term goals that you work on throughout the year as well as daily goals and monthly goals. As you determine what your goals are make sure that they are attainable and establish a reasonable deadline. Without a deadline, they’re just “wishes.”
Keep track of your progress. Click Here for a list of Tools and Apps from American Express that will help you keep track of your goals and build new habits.
While you are working towards your goals let someone know. This could be a fellow Entrepreneur, a Business Coach or even a family member. Just the simple act of communicating your goals and what you want to achieve will aid in keeping you motivated and accountable.

2. Change Up Your Workspace
If you aren’t feeling very motivated, try changing your space up a little bit. There are a variety of ways you can change your workspace to freshen it up and make it an inspiring work environment.
Click Here for seven strategies from Dr. Samantha Boardman to enhance your environment in order to work smarter.

3. Develop an Organization System
If you don’t already have an organization system for your business, now is definitely the time to start. Different people work best with different systems, so unfortunately, I can’t tell you which type to use. Some people like paper systems like a Bullet Journal because they can cross items off their list as they complete them. Some people like digital planners like Toodoledo or Habit List because they can send their lists to their phones.
Google Calendar can be a mix between both, as you can set appointments online and then print out your calendar as well. You can also view it from your phone, and have reminders go off on your phone and computer, as well.
Personally, I like the feeling of crossing things off a to-do list with different colored highlighters and pens. Something about a color filled page makes me happy!
Everyone is different. Find what works for you and go with it! Below are a couple of links for the top Paper and Digital Organizers for 2016

Click Here for Paper Systems:
Click Here for Apps:


It is entirely possible to take time off this summer to enjoy yourself and your loved ones and you should. Just be smart about the amount of time you spend away from your business. When you are working focus on critical tasks that must be completed in order for your business to continue to operate successfully. Stay focused and remember – the sooner the work is done, the sooner you can go outside and have fun!

Enjoy Your Summer!

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