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Thoughts on Positive Self Talk

Definition of Positive: with no possibility of doubt; clear and definite.

The power of positive self talk is greater than you can ever imagine.

Positive thinking and self talk will enhance your outlook on life and you will be happier.
Positive self talk makes you confident in yourself and your abilities. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself who else will?
It is not easy by any means and it takes practice. You have to constantly be mindful of your self talk and your thoughts at first.
You need to learn to quiet the negative thoughts with the positive self talk. After a couple of weeks of consistency it will become easier and more of a habit.
Isn’t sad that it is easier for most of us to think negatively about ourselves than it is for us to think positive?


The affirmation or positive thought I personally use are:

—Great Things Are Going To Happen Today—I think it to myself throughout my day. Especially in the morning during my run.
When I am feeling doubt about myself and how I am going to respond to a situation I tell myself —You got this, you are a Ninja—

It may sound silly but it works. You have to try it!

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