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Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

How Do You Evaluate Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?
Evaluating the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing strategy is just as important as the strategy itself. You should regularly be assessing how your fans are responding to content you are sharing.
Once you have a Facebook marketing strategy in place, it’s important to focus on getting the execution right.

The following four steps should get you headed on the right track.


Are you noticing an increase or decrease in fans?
It is very important to remember that an increase in fans does not mean that profits will immediately increase. An increase in fans does mean you are doing something to attract attention, which is GOOD! If you notice your number fans is decreasing, it is without doubt time to evaluate your strategy. You may be sharing content that is not relevant to your audience.


What is the level of engagement you are seeing from your fans?
Are your posts and pictures getting likes, comments and shares? Or are they just plain being ignored.
Pay attention to which posts and pictures seem to be the most popular. These numbers can be monitored very easily with Facebook Analytics Tools. Make sure to review them as often as possible.


What is working? What is not working?
What types of posts do your fans respond to the most? Is it inspirational quotes, baby animal videos or promotional discounts? Whatever it is give them more of what they want. Facebook loves engagement. Keep them coming back for more by keeping them engaged.


A social media marketing strategy is only as good as those who see it through. Perfecting a social media marketing strategy requires keeping up with the changes. This can be time consuming, intimidating and the learning curve is steep.
Very often, businesses need to decide if whether or not they can execute their social media strategy themselves or do they need to hire social media expert.

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