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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Design and Management

Facebook Messenger is currently THE ONLY platform where you have the undivided attention of your target audience. Keep them engaged, entertained and create deeper brand to consumer relationships through Facebook Messenger using automated interactive Messages.

AT Social Media Marketing will design a marketing strategy specifically for your business that includes Facebook Messenger Marketing (Chatbot) and Facebook Ads. Most importantly it will be automated! This will save time, increase efficiency, and grow your business.  

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Design and Build:
➢ Main menu - Welcome message -Default reply
➢ Up to two (2) growth tools
➢ Up to ten (10) keywords
➢ Up to two (2) follow-up sequences
➢ Flow design - up to ten (10) flows
➢ Conversation Script /Images/videos/gifs ➢ API Integration – CRM/ESP
➢ Brand research 

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Monthly Management:
We recommend professional administration of the Facebook Messenger Chatbot. 
This Service Includes:
➢ Implementation
➢ Subscriber acquisition 
➢ Subscriber segmentation
➢ Building and managing broadcasts and sequences  
➢ Monitoring and optimizing flows based upon customer interactions
➢ Weekly 30-minute consultation to review reports, results and strategy

If you are interested in learning more about Messenger Marketing, how you can utilize it to set yourself apart from your competition AND achieve your business goals, please feel free to contact me at 760-405-4834 


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What Is Messenger Marketing?
It is an automated messaging system that allows you to scale your marketing, lead generation, sales, and operations with fun and friendliness.

What Can Messenger Actually Do?
Messenger can be designed to do anything from answering a simple question to ordering pizza and booking an airline flight. 

Benefits of a Messenger Chatbot:
80% Open Rate
Collect 87% More Highly Targeting Leads
Lower Facebook Ad Costs
Instantly Engage Your Customers in a Conversational Format