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There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing guidance and support with your Social Media Marketing efforts? In fact, the number one trait of the most successful Entrepreneurs is they understand the importance of asking for help.

What's Strategically Social Marketing?
This social media marketing package is designed to focus on the exact strategies required to build your online authority by consistently sharing content that demonstrates your expertise, connects with your audience and attracts clients.

This is achieved by utilizing the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms.  

The more engaged your audience is, the easier it is for you to build a relationship with them.  And when an engaged audience knows, likes and trusts you, they’ll purchase your products and services. 

It’s true, you could go it alone, study the disciplines of social media marketing and see a reasonable amount of success. The question is why would you want to? You now have an opportunity to have a proven social media strategist on your side guiding you along each step of the way!

At Completion You Will Be Able To:
Develop a well-planned social media marketing strategy that consists of sharing authentic content that demonstrates your expertise, connects with your audience, and attracts clients.
Pinpoint the appropriate objective for your business and your target audience.
Design a posting schedule based upon your Facebook business page insights.
Identify what type of content is relevant for your audience and how to create it.
Use social media to listen and learn from your audience and monitor their behavior on your Facebook business page.
Track and measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.
Learn about the best tools and resources available to be more efficient with your time.

The Package Includes:
Comprehensive Facebook business page audit with actionable insights on improving optimization, reach and engagement that I personally will teach you how to implement. 
(1) 2-hour strategy session
(1) 1-hour follow-up meeting to review results
Downloadable MP3 recording of the coaching and follow-up sessions.

Content Planning Template
Facebook Algorithm Cheat Sheet
With the recent Facebook algorithm changes, they're putting a huge emphasis on what friends and family share over what businesses advertise. I will show a couple of methods you can implement to take advantage of this.

2-Hours of Private Coaching. Learning the Facebook Platform is an in-depth undertaking. During the Coaching Session, you will receive my full attention. 

When are the Sessions?
The session date and time are will be determined during our initial consultation. Sessions are hosted Monday through Friday during business hours, excluding certain holidays.

Where are the Sessions?
The coaching session will be conducted using Zoom.

As your coach, it is my job is to support your journey. I will guide you, help you see the bigger picture and the finer details, and provide insights along the way. I will be there to encourage you, but also to give you honest, and sometimes challenging, feedback.

As the client, you are in the driver's seat. You understand that you will need to be committed to investing time and energy into rolling up your sleeves and doing the hard work. You understand that I am not there to "fix" you. You are responsible for the results you achieve.

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