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Social Media Marketing in Wickenburg

A well-thought-out and strategic social media marketing plan will help you grow your business, build your brand and engage with your target audience.
Social Media Marketing in Wickenburg
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Facebook marketing by purchasing Facebook ads is an ideal way to reach your target audience in Wickenburg. It offers more targeting options and capabilities than any other advertising platform making it one of the most powerful tools available to us as digital marketers.  Facebook Ads are a multi-billion-dollar business yet there are few resources available to teach business owners how to truly understand the platform and use it to grow their business in Escondido. It can be frustrating and many just give up. Fortunately for you, I have taken the time to learn and understand the ads platform. I have been afforded the opportunity to train with some of the best in the Facebook Ads community. 

I help my clients:  
✅ Generate Targeted Leads
✅ Increase Sales
✅ Grow Their Businesses by strategically leveraging Facebook Ads and Messenger Marketing.

Facebook Ad Campaign Set-up 

This Service Includes:
➢ Campaign Set-up – creative (image/video) and ad copywriting 
➢ Up to three (3) ad variations.
➢ Target Audience Research and Build
➢ Up to three (3) audience targeting suggestions
➢ Up to three (3) bidding and budget suggestions
➢ Up to three (3) competitors researched
➢ Up to three (3) creative and copywriting revisions
➢ Brand research.  
➢ Audience Retargeting
➢ One-on-One Strategy Consultations via Zoom
➢ Weekly Tracking and Reporting - Limited to quantifying results for Facebook and Instagram ads

Facebook Ad Campaign Monthly Management- We recommend professional administration of the Facebook Ads campaigns. 
This Service Includes:
➢ Monitoring and optimizing campaigns. 
➢ Weekly 30-minute consultation to review reports, results and strategy.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level by having me manage your current Ad Campaigns or designing and managing new ones for you, please, feel free to contact me.

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