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The Birthday Marketing Strategy

Did you know that the most celebrated holiday in restaurants is Birthdays? According to the National Restaurant Association, birthdays are the number one occasion people celebrate with a special restaurant meal, surpassing even Mother's Day or Valentine's Day in popularity.

The National Restaurant Association studied this phenomenon and discovered that:
Over 70% of Americans eat out on their birthday.
The average birthday table is a party of three to four people.
The average birthday spend is $78 per table.
Birthday customers are your highest valued customer per transaction and they rarely eat alone and typically bring groups.

Are You Getting Your Fair Share of Birthday Business?
What if I told you there was a way to bring in 10-20 birthday reservations monthly, like clockwork, and that most of those people are new customers? At an average table size of 3.8 people, that's 38-76 people coming into your restaurant every month. With the average ticket per birthday table being $78. That's an extra $800 to $1600 per month.
In one year, you could see up to $19,200 added to your bottom line -- not to mention the lifetime value of these people when they become repeat customers of yours.
What Would You Do with An Extra $19,200?

The best part is AT Social Media automates this entire birthday capturing, marketing, and follow-up process for you. In fact, all you must do is book the birthday dinner reservations we send you and treat them like royalty when they arrive! It’s that simple!!!

I'd LOVE to start sending you these birthday reservations but I can only work with one restaurant in your local area. This means we need to make sure your restaurant is a good fit.

So, give me a call right now at 760-405-4834.

You don't want you to miss out on this money-making opportunity.