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FB Ad Monthly Management for Self Love and Self Care

FB Ad Monthly Management for Self Love and Self Care

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You will be provided with monthly Management of your Facebook Ad Campaigns which will include the following:
Facebook Ad’s Campaign Set-up This includes:
Create campaign – creative (image/video) and ad copywriting representative of brand*
Up to three (3) ad variations – Lead Generation.
Up to three (3) ad variations – Retargeting Ads.
Up to three (3) audience targeting suggestions. 
Up to three (3) bidding and budget suggestions. 
Up to three (3) competitors researched.
Up to three (3) creative and copywriting revisions.
Brand research.   3 to 5 - day delivery.
Facebook Ad’s Monthly Management We recommend professional administration of the Facebook Ads campaigns.  
This includes: Monitoring and optimizing campaigns.  Weekly 30-minute consultation to review reports, results and strategy. Your Monthly Investment: $600.00
The monthly management fee does not include ad spend. Keep in mind the first 2- weeks of running ads is the testing period where we determine what audience, creative and ad copy converts. Ad spend is paid directly to Facebook via the ad’s manager platform.